Great occasion

You have your girlfriend really long time and you would like to do another step? Do you want to tell her everything – how much you love her and you would like to spend all your life with her? So we have great offer for you. If you want perfect propose in Prague, you can contact us and enjoy your special day for example in luxury hotel room with tasty dinner. And how does it work? It is easy, because you will only choose the most beautiful ring and then you can choose package from our offer. Do you want perfect dinner in gardens under Prague Castel or you would like go by limousine into luxury Chateau? Everything is only about your imaginations, because it will be your day, so everything must be perfect.

The best place

If you choose dinner, you can enjoy your time in gardens under Prague Castle, all space will be closed only for you and your girlfriend. There will be the best table for you, because it will be from restaurant that won price for great kitchen. But it is not all, you will have here flower decorations and also you can have hundred lighting candles for the great atmosphere. You will have also professional photographer, so you can tell him about your plan and he will be on the right place in the right time. Don´t wait for anything, because we are here for you and we can prepare great propose for you!